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Wait, I can get my medical marijuana rec online?

Yes! With NuggMD, you can instantly connect with a CA Licensed Medical Doctor for a one-on-one video session to evaluate how medicinal cannabis can help you! All it takes is your medical history information and a picture of your California ID (you can scan it or take a pic with your phone).

I like to keep my private and professional life separate. Is my info secure? Does CA keep a list with my name on it?

California DOES NOT keep a list with medicinal cannabis patients. Local Grown and NuggMD WILL NOT sell your personal health information, as mandated by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The only time your information is accessed is when a cannabis service verifies your doctor's recommendation. Typically only your initials and recommendation expiration date are available for verification.

Hey! I just became a 215 patient! When do I get my paper copy of my rec? What just came in my e-mail?

The doctor will hand-sign your paper copy and send it to you via mail (expect about 3-5 business days). NuggMD will send you an instant, printable copy of your recommendation to your e-mail. Local Grown SD accepts the e-mail copy as proof of 215 patient verification.

What's so special about this paper copy? What is a "wet signature"?

In order to continue your patient registration process with California and the HHSA (Health and Human Services Agency), you need a paper copy with a "wet" ink pen signature. The recommendation is the first step! Click below to learn more about completing your California Medical Marijuana Identification Card process-